This playful doggy doesn’t pay attention to her age and is impatiently waiting for her forever family  

In spite of her age, this amazing doggy is very active and energetic.

A senior doggy named Daisy now lives in a shelter, because her previous owner couldn’t take care about her well, so it was better for her to stay here. The cutie has been living in her previous home for twelve years, so after it living in the shelter is something stressful for her.

Daisy is very playful and she wants to enjoy her time with someone who will spend much time playing with her. Although the doggy is old enough, for her it is only a number and her age doesn’t disturb her to feel happy and joyful, so her future owner must provide her with funny and interesting occupations.

Spending time with her is something pleasant and you will never get bored because she will fill your day with happiness.

But you must pay attention to her age due to which she likes to sleep a lot during the day.

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