This kind dog becomes his unwanted blind brother’s guardian angel and protector

The dog refuses to leave his new blind brother always being by his side

This neglected disabled dog was discovered in the process of volunteering for one of the rescue centers. One bighearted girl determined to take home this defenseless creature and was astonished by his 9-year-old dog’s precious reaction to meeting his new brother.

Fortunately, the pair immediately formed a special bond and became each other’s biggest supporters without leaving one another for even a single day. Toby truly became a guide dog.

Initially, he growled at his new brother but then gently offered him his water bowl. Since that day, they have been totally inseparable.

While taking a walk Toby clearly realizes when and where his poor blind brother appears in need for help and instantly rushes to offer his priceless assistance.

The disabled doggie’s one and the only loyal friend remains Toby who loves him unconditionally and is always by his side regardless of the fact no other dog wants to befriend this gentle soul. He really became his guardian angel and protector.


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