This faithful dog impatiently waits for his owner every time he leaves for work

The dog tragically says goodbye to his human when he goes to work

Meet Teemo, an awesome doggie from Taiwan who is such a big lover of his human parent.

He always gets upset and downhearted when his owner is preparing to go to work and the sad impression in his face indicates that he probably thinks he sees his owner for the last time.

The owner even captured the precious moment his beloved dog was giving him this sad look every time he is about to go to work. Once he shared the fascinating photos of this cutie he stole everyone’s heart on the internet. Absolutely everyone fell madly in love with this gentle soul.

Some of them even commented on the picture full of sorrow and sadness saying that they would definitely stay at home instead of leaving for work just because they had such a faithful and adorable doggie.

He is very friendly, sociable and approachable to exceptionally everyone and is in a habit of impatiently waiting for his beloved owner until he finally returns home.

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