This amazing catty attracts everyone with his four ears. It is such an unusual thing!  

Although this catty has a very strange appearance, he found his loving owners.

The 2 years old catty named Meet Yoda was born with 4 ears, however he has an excellent hearing and is in a very good condition.

He was adopted two years ago by a couple, after being noticed by them in a pub, which is situated near their house. When they saw the animal for the first time, they were attracted by him at once and after adopting the catty they called him Yoda.

The woman took the catty to the vet for checking his health. His odd appearance amazed the vet, too, who had never seen such an unusual creature before.

Although his appearance is different from other catties, it doesn’t disturb him and he has no health problem. As it turned out, it has been caused a genetic abnormality.

Yoda is a very sociable and funny creature and unlike many other catties, he isn’t afraid of anything and anyone.

Enjoy the video of this amazing catty.

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