These two stray doggies strongly hug each other, which excites everyone. So adorable!

The doggies’ faithfulness is very touching.

A group of wandering doggies were found on the street, which were closely devoted to each other, because the only thing they had was each other. The people were attracted by their friendship.

They fell in love with the cuties, because they were really wonderful.

They were taken by the Buddhist nuns to their temple and were looked after by them. Two of them was strongly hugging each other. It seemed that the big doggy wanted to protect the little one from danger.

Their big love and devotion towards each other are very exciting. No one knows which kind of difficulties they had during their lives, but fortunately they found a safe and comfortable place for living being under the care of the kind people.

Now they feel happy and funny with their loving rescuers, who do their best for making their lives more careless. They enjoy their time together.

Thanks to the caring and attentive people, these cuties were rescued and now they have everything they need.

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