There Were Special Peepholes Made for Dogs So That They Could  Watch for Their Mommy to Come Home

The doggies have the opportunity to watch for their mommy to come

Erin Joyce, who is the owner of two wonderful dogs, couldn’t ever imagine that three small holes in a fence would make a good difference to her doggies- getting the ability to “spy” on her- that’s to their mommy. It has become a full-time job for Billie and Seymour.

“Every time I went out from my car or house, Billie the doggy would push her little nose out of a little hole in the fence to smell at me,”- told Joyce.

“So I decided to make it so that she could see me coming and going but I wasn’t  expecting both doggies to enjoy it as much as they really did!”- added the owner.

Billie and Seymour the cuties enjoy having a particular spot in their yard where they can keep an eye on their beloved owners, especially on their mommy. When their mistress goes put of the yard they look forward to her return and now, due to the holes they may watch their mommy to return to them more freely.

The owners tell that when they return home from work, they open the gate so that they could enjoy their day playing in the yard together, because it’s of crucial importance for their socialization. Billie acts as their real mother, taking proper care of the cuties and watching them play. That’s the true love and the reason why the doggies adore her that much!

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