The woman let her dogs play outside and they returned with a new friend

The dogs, that found a new friend

Dogs are known to be the most faithful animals in the world. Except for being loyal, they are also amazing and cute. They like playing with each other and also with their owners.

It’s a real happiness for a dog to have a dog friend, because humans can’t give their whole time to their pets.

It’s true for Sara Nisevic’s dogs, as they like playing with one another in the yard. Recently, they returned with a mew dog friend.

Sarah didn’t know what to do, as she lived in a rural area and this dog didn’t belong any of her neighbours. She even went to the vet to check if the dog was microchipped.

It turned out, that the dog was homeless and the woman was very happy, as she liked the dog at the first sight. And the same is true with the brown dog, she liked Sara too.

Happily the dog met the kind woman, who adopted him and named Strudel.

He made friends with all the dogs living in Sarah’s home and especially with the oldest one Srna.

They enjoy playing and sleeping together.

It’s good, that the stray dog finally found a loving home.

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