The wandering doggy showed his happiness by smiling when the rescuers removed his matted fur  

The poor doggy was very grateful to those who freed him from his matted hair.

There are many touching stories about wandering and abandoned animals that break our hearts. The story of this poor doggy isn’t an exception.

It was September, when a stray animal named Holland was brought to a refuge in an awful condition. The most horrible thing was his matted fur which must be removed as soon as possible.

The rescuers started their quick actions for helping the poor animal. The first thing that they did was cutting his matted hair, but it was quite difficult for them.

Then they took the baby to the vet for checking him in detail and fortunately it turned out that he didn’t have any serious health problem. The doggy only had some injuries on his skin.

After some time Holland became healthier and stronger and thanks to the kind and caring people he could find his forever family.

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