The two-year-old boy adores shelter kittens and assists his mother to feed them

The little boy, that takes care of the homeless babies with his mom

A little boy named Sam loves kittens very much and he doesn’t treat them as soft toys like most children, but very seriously takes care of them. The boy can even treat Bottle-feed kittens.

This all began six months ago, when Sam’s mother Lucy adopted little kittens from the shelter. Lucy and Sam live in California and assist homeless animals.

Lucy told, that it was one of the best things in her life.

Her little boy was very happy, that the kittens appeared in their house. He was very interested and curious to see what they were like.

Lucy didn’t allow Sam to take care of the kittens himself at first, but then she saw, that he was very gentle with them. When Lucy held the kitten, the boy gently stroked its fur.

From that day their relationship with kittens become continual. Sam greets the babies, calls them beautiful words and strokes gently. Sam says, that the kittens love him and he loves the kittens.

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