The Tiny Catty Brought His Dragon to the Veterinary Clinic to Assist Him Feel More Courageous

The true friendship between a catty and a fluffy dragon

Samantha Smart and her family members decided that they had to rescue a little catty, who had been meowing around their neighborhood for a few days.

“It wasn’t just a meow, it was a sad little weep as if the cutie was calling for assistance. Despite the fact that we already have one catty, we realized that Ponyo the cutie was created for us, so, we decided to take the cutie home!” – told Samantha.

Before adopting the cutie Ponyo’s new  family realized that the catty may be not that much sociable at first so they did their best to assist the cutie to get used to his new home and family.

“The family also took proper care of the cutie’s health and took him to the veterinary clinic. At first, Panyo was really scared when he visited the clinic, because he felt that he was going to undergo quite a serious surgery. But  when he noticed his adorable dragon companion- that’s his fluffy toy, in the carrier next to him, we decided to place his fluffy dragon friend  in the kennel with him, as well. That was definitely the right decision, as he found solace in it and became calmer.” – told Smart.

Ponyo’s dragon was with him every second and as soon as he awoke from the surgery, his beloved fluffy dragon was the first thing, of course,  that made him feel happier and better.

This is amazing how even simple thing may become so dear and important for us!

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