The smart Golden Retriever rescued the dying bald eager and gave him the second chance for living  

Thanks to the heroic step of the doggy, the poor eagle was saved.

We all know about the doggies’ faithfulness. They are always ready to protect the helpless animals even those whom they eat.

Once when the Golden Retriever was walking with her owner, she noticed something strange: a dying bold eager who had serious injuries. She began to bark loudly as she expected some help for the defenceless bird.

But the poor eagle was frightened of them and he escaped. The next day the doggy and her owner came back to finish their rescue operation. They followed the eagle’s spots in the snow.

After finding him, the rescuers took the cutie to the vet clinic where he got the appropriate treatment. The frozen bird had some health problems and a serious injury on his shoulder.

Now he is under the care of the vets and his condition becomes better day by day. Due to the helpful doggy, the poor bird was rescued.

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