The smart dog pretends to be a homeless to get a burger and her owner wants to challenge her

A dog, that liked to eat a tasty burger

A pet owner named Betsy Reyes from Oklahoma city didn’t know why her pet started to gain so much weight lately. She did the same exercises, have the same diet, but looked like a chunky. Then the girl saw, that her pet was waking up at night.

Betsy decided to follow her. She saw Princess at the McDonald’s drive-thru acting like a homeless puppy to get some fresh burgers.

And people trusted her. At least she saw a person throwing a tasty burger to Princess. The girl drove to the drive-thru herself and rolled down the window and the dog immediately realised, that she was her owner and started to wag his tail.

She captured all of these and uploaded on Facebook, where the video went viral.

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