The saved kangaroo can’t stop hugging his rescuers and caretakers at the shelter

This rescued kangaroo is in a habit of giving warm hugs to his saviors

Wild animals, just as domestic ones, can show true signs of affection and acknowledgement towards their caretakers as well. They can often become approachable and tender towards those who helped or rescued them. And this real life story discloses this kangaroo’ life story. He simply can’t stop cuddling and gently snuggling onto his open-hearted saviors.

Here is Abigail, a miraculously rescued kangaroo who now enjoys his time hugging and tenderly snuggling onto his good-natured rescuers.

He got finally released and rescued when he was 4 months and was immediately taken to the special kangaroo sanctuary located in the Central Australia. He could eventually receive love and affection he used to always give but never get back.

He is periodically noticed deliberately approaching his beloved rescuers and caretakers to give them a long hug as a sign of his sincere gratitude and this surprisingly became an inseparable part of their daily life. He was symbolically titled “queen of the shelter” and the staff sincerely adored this rescued gentle soul.

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