The saddest cat who was going to be euthanised, finally found his happiness  

The caring woman’s love and devotion towards the catty made him unrecognisable.

 Here is the saddest cat named BenBen, who had spent difficult times in the shelter until being saved. Because he had many health problems it would be better for him to be euthanised.

But something different happened, when a caring woman who works at the vet clinic decided to take care about the cutie. Her kind decision changed the life of the poor creature.

Just after he was taken to his new house his life became better and his appearance also changed. Benben was very happy and thankful to the woman who gave him the second chance for living. Now he is safe and protected.

The vets had claimed that the catty would never walk, but now he not only walks, but also runs and jumps. The kitten with the saddest face became happy and funny.

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