The rescuers were amazed by the unique appearance of this turtle. The cutie is very fascinating!  

This unusual turtle attracts everyone with its beauty.


An attractive turtle with unique colour was noticed in Odisha, India by a group of people who were amazed by its unusual appearance.


The rescuers handed the creature to the Indian Forest Services. The staff was also impressed by its beauty and they claimed that it has albinism.



The turtle is completely covered with a bright golden colour. Albinism is a hereditary  illness, but in most cases it leaves a white look, but in this case the turtle got yellow.



Fortunately, the rare creature was noticed and saved and now it is in the safe place.



The turtle is luckily healthy and strong and it will stay there until an appropriate home will be found for it. Those who saw the turtle, were lucky enough, because it was a real wonder.


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