The pure goat didn’t want to eat, until he was reunited with his best friend

The strong friendship between a goat and a donkey

This heartbreaking and cute reunion shows how strong is the meaning of friendship in the world!

The goat was saved and taken to the welfare sanctuary, but he became indifferent and refused to eat anything for six days.

It had been living with a donkey, named Jellybean and they became friends. And the two friends were taken to different rescues to be saved.

But the sanctuary hadn’t intended, that they would have such a strong connection with Jellybean. When they understood the reason for goat’s depression, they brought Jellybean to him. And the amazing thing happened next!

It’s amazing, that he immediately started to eat from the bowl when he was together with his friend. These two will continue to live the rest of their lives together at the Sanctuary.

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