The most enjoyable thing for Wallace is to hug and kiss all the dogs on his way. It’s quite fascinating!  

This amazing dog enjoys hugging and kissing other animals appearing on his way.

 Wallace is a very friendly and playful doggy, who likes to greet other people, to have fun with squirrels and hug the dogs while walking with his owner.

When a dog appears on his way, he never leaves him/her without hugging and kissing.

Hugging the passersby and kissing their cheeks is his favourite occupation, and he does it with great pleasure.

Wallace likes all the dogs meets outside, but Daisy is his favourite, whom he loves most of all. When the dogs meet they hug each other attracting the people around them.

Although their sizes are different, it doesn’t disturb them to hug each other. Wallace stands on his two legs to reach his friend.

Wallace is a very kind and funny dog, who likes to entertain his family members. He is their loving pet and always ready to make them happy.


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The playful dog has many lovely occupations, for example he likes to play and run in the yard, hug and kiss everyone around him and befriend with each creature he meets.

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