The kittens were grey while being in the barn and turned black after adoption

The kittens, that changed their colour after birth

Once a homeowner in Virginia opened her barn door and was amazed to find kittens there. Surprisingly each of the kittens had an unusual colour.

The homeowner took the babies to the shelter and the staff saw signs of a change in coat pigmentation.

This extraordinary phenomenon happens when the pregnant cat is having stress or has a high fever for a long time. The kittens, that were born like this don’t show their true colour immediately. Our heroes had a grey fur.

The little babies were healthy. The staff went to the barn, where they were found in order to find their mother and reunite with her puppies.

They caught her the same day, it seemed to have a cold.

It was very difficult at first for the cat family to stay with people, as they weren’t used to being within four walls.

After a few days the cat calmed down and agreed to live in the allotted cell. “I think she understood, that now she can have a rest and be cared” the woman adds.

As the days passed the kittens became more attached to Debbie.

Their hair darkened compared to the first week-some more, some less.

In a few weeks the grey kittens became completely black!

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