The dog with the plastic bottle in his head is glad to be free

How people help a poor dog…

David was riding his bicycle with his companions in Mexico when he witnessed anything really surprising. On the roadside, there’s also a dog.

He was wearing a plastic water bottle on his head.

“Initially, we didn’t know what was going on as he was weeping and coming to us,” David informed the girl. “We realized we had to do something.”

As a result, they resolved to assist right away. They did till the bottle was retrieved from the animal’s head.

The needy dog, too, was overjoyed when he was eventually set free.

“There was a great deal of happiness,” David remarked.

The animal thanked them, and he bolted.

“He bolted immediately after thanking us,” David claimed. “The animal was overjoyed and grateful.”

What a wonderful occasion! Guys, you did a great job.

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