The cute pregnant dog can’t hide her tears when she understands that she’s being sheltered

The dog started to cry, when she realised people are kind to her

This story is about a cute pregnant dog, that couldn’t keep her tears when she realised, that people can be kind to her!

The cute pregnant dog was wandering the streets in search for food, when she noticed a couple having a fine dinner.

The dog had a wish only to be fed by what is left, but all of a sudden she was sheltered.

The couple saw the cute dog, as they stopped to but some food.

The dog followed them.

The woman even tried to give the dog food in order to gain her trust.

The couple was sure, that they didn’t want to let the dog alone there.

And finally they took the dog into their car and the dog was very happy!

The moment she realised, that now she’s safe and protected brought her into tears.

This cute story was captured by Anderson.

“We stopped for a moment to let the dog cry in peace. The tears were going down from her eyes, it was so heartbreaking.”

This kind couple didn’t let the dog alone, they took her to the vet.

“Poppy is a dog, that loves people in order to be loved. She is very cute and sweet!”

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