The Cute Doggy Was Once Considered to Be the Saddest Creature in the World But Her Transformation Amazed Everyone

The wonderful doggy’s incredible transformation

Once an animal rescue group arrived at the city centre in Romania, when a stray doggy suddenly rushed ro the wire cage as if asking for help.

The cutie was so emaciated that when looking at her sad eyes the workers immediately realized that they should do their best in order to rescue her.

The cutie pie weighed only 9 pounds which is much less than how much she should have weighed at this age. What’s more awful, besides the fact that because of her emaciated appearance her ribs obvious, the cutie pie also had other severe problems.

The rescuers told that she was also diagnosed with ear infections and had scars on her ears as well as a serious wound on the tail.

The rescue team named the cute doggy Anna and took her to the veterinary clinic. Luckily, the cutie was soon adopted and taken home by a caring family.

As she was becoming better day by day, there seemed to appear a light of hope in her wonderful little eyes and she became so joyful and loving. From the very first day in her foster family, the cutie received endless love and care and answered them in the same way.

Every day un the family starts so happily, as the cutie fills their day with endless joy and happiness.

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