The crazy deer wanted to befriend with the little boy, but the baby had other plans. It’s crazy!  

The baby boy wanted to work in the garden, but first he had to play with the deer.

It is known that deer eat plants, so you must be careful when there is a deer in your garden.

Generally, deer are considered shy and careful animals, but some of them like to be in the centre of the people’s attention.

Here is a great example of this. The baby deer wants to play with someone and she found a little boy.

There is nothing more pleasant than seeing a friendship between a pet or a wild animal and babies.

One day a little kid wanted to take a watering can, but something strange happened.

A playful deer appeared who wanted to befriend with the boy, but unluckily he had other plans. The kid came to take the can to do some works in the garden, but the cute animal disturbed him.

When he wanted to take it, the deer immediately approached and licked his ear.

The kid was confused and it seemed that he forgot his task, but then he continued to struggle against the deer.

She didn’t let the baby do his work, because she wanted to play with him. Then the boy began to think about another means how to take the tool.

He had a great idea to reach his goal.

The boy decided to approach the can calmly, but he couldn’t distract the animal as she looked at him carefully.

After it the kid approached the deer and put his little hands on her face and it seemed she liked what her little friend did.

The scene was quite amazing and it seemed that they were friends for a long time. But then the baby remembered about his task and came back to finish his work.

When the boy wanted to take the can, the deer started to lick him strongly as she wanted to inform her small friend about her great love towards him.

Their meeting was very cute and the couple attracted a great number of people, but it didn’t last a long time, because the dry garden was waiting for the hardworking child.

The cute deer didn’t understand the aim of the boy, she only wanted a friend with whom she could play.

This video became very famous and millions of viewers were attracted by it. The couple was very fascinating. They communicated together as they knew each other for a long time.

It shows that wild animals can also be very friendly and funny. Especially babies are good friends for the animals, with whom they can enjoy their lives.

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