The abandoned catty with the most attractive face appeared in a safe and comfortable place  

Despite of his illness, the catty is very joyful and energetic.

The nice catty was noticed by a couple in California, who decided to take care about him, who had the cutest face ever. When they fed him, his nose enlarged and he began to breathe hardly.

The frightened couple immediately took him to the vet, where it turned out that he had a fungal disease and it affected his breathing. Because he needed some medical care, he was taken to a rescue centre to be under the care of vets.

His owners understood that they couldn’t keep him with his illness so they called the special rescue centres for taking care about him and he was taken to Los Angeles.

When they reached Milo’s Sanctuary, where he must stay for treatment, he was in a serious condition, he was very weak, so it was clear that he needed a quick treatment. The left side of his face was completely unhealthy and he was squeezed, so discovering his nature at once was impossible for the staff.

But the catty named Khy was very strong so he could overcome all the difficulties and he was very thankful to those who helped him to recover.

After some time he became healthy and strong thanks to the attention and care of the kind people. His wounded face was cured so he was ready for operation.

Although he passed through a lot of difficulties, he remained active and funny. He befriended with everyone he met and liked to enjoy his time with both people and other animals. Now he felt very well and due to the great effort of the vets and the staff he was saved.

Although the cutie is in a good condition, he must be under the care and attention of the vets during his whole life. But it doesn’t disturb him to be happy and funny.

The head of the sanctuary says that although the size of his nose is different from the ordinary cats, he is very beautiful and attractive in his own way.

He is very playful and after some time he will be able to play with toys.

He is very grateful to the people who are always by his side, and expresses his thankfulness hugging and kissing them all time.

The staff loves the cutie very much, and for them he is the most attractive creature ever.

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