Thanks to the kindness of a person, the defenceless kittens became strong and safe. So touching!  

The tiny kittens being found in a box now have everything they need.

It was April when a kind-hearted rescuer heard about the helpless kittens in a box.

The cuties were found and rescued by the caring person, who hurried to take them to home because they were so tiny and needed a lot of care and support. It is known that newborn catties don’t know how to drink from the bottle and they need someone who will help them especially during the first period of their lives.

After passing through many difficulties, the babies now have a safe and comfortable place of living.

They enjoy their lives together: eat, play and  become stronger and healthier day by day. They are very happy to have such a caring and attentive owner by their side.

They have everything they need.

So due to the help of the kind person the cuties were rescued and found a safe place for living.

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