Seeing a duckling and an owl together in the same nest is something unbelievable. Such a fascinating scene!  

The woman stayed speechless when she noticed this strange couple.

The wildlife continues to amaze us with its cute and crazy animals. It is quite normal to see a friendship between doggies and catties, but seeing an owl and a duckling together in the same nest sounds a bit unusual.

This scene was noticed in Florida by a wildlife artist named Laurie Carver-Este, who was attracted by it and caught the moment on her camera. She noticed two different species sitting in the same nest of one of the trees in her garden.

The woman hadn’t seen this kind of friendship before and she immediately took a photo of them. How cute they were!

Here is an interesting video below!

After sharing the photo on social media people were attracted by the couple and they couldn’t believe how these unlike creatures shared their nest together.

Several weeks ago the woman and her family noticed how a female duck transferred a stollen duck egg to this nest, so she is sure that the duckling was born by the owl.

After a short time the duckling came out of the nest, stood on the grass and started to walk to the nearby lake to search for his parents.

Their photo became very famous and a great number of people were attracted by them.


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