Red panda babies became the newest beauty: twins appeared in the house

The red panda twins, that are almost extinct

In 2021 June 21 Zoo Boise adopted two new twins in their big family. The birth was posted on social media by the zoo, and it became popular.

The twins parents Dolly and Spid had many children besides them. This is Dolly’s seventh baby and she has more experience. And now the babies enjoy their time in the den with their mother.

When they reach a few weeks they will be transported from the den.

Dolly is a really good mother, as she plays an important place in the babies lives. She has a lot of experience and knows how to behave in various situations.

The Species Survival Plan is an important program maintenance of species. They mix animals with the perfect DNA to reproduce endangered or vulnerable species.

So the program matched Dolly and Spud together. The first purpose is to expand the population of red pandas and raise awareness about their extinction.

Animal maintenance is a primary issue for the zoo and they have already raised 3 million dollars from visitors. This is really amazing.

Recently the naming rights for the twins will be auctioned off. And you can also suggest a name or two.

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