No one expected that this adorable mommy doggy would have so many pups. It’s amazing!  

Lisa gave birth to a great number of puppies and amazed her rescuers.

When Lisa was brought to the shelter, everyone knew that she was waiting for babies. The staff predicted that she would give birth to 6 babies and she was sent to a foster home where she stayed under the care of the kind people.

It was March when Lisa surprised everyone because she gave birth to 12 pups. It was quite shocking for the rescuers.

Although the number of the puppies was huge, mommy dog was able to take care about all of them and she did her best to provide everything they needed. The rescuers didn’t leave the cuties and they supported the caring mommy to look after her cuties.

The most important thing is that the pups feel themselves great and they have no health problems.

Now the staff takes care about all of them and is sure that they all will find their forever families when they are ready for adoption.

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