Kitten sisters didn’t want to be separated after being saved

Kitten sisters, that wanted to be together everywhere

Chatons Orphelins Montreal a rescue organisation in Montreal received a call to assist little puppies, that needed help. The kittens must be approximately 7 weeks old, they had poor health and were unable to be separated each other.

They had many fleas and it seemed, that they are still fed with milk so they were approached to each other. Two volunteers of the rescue organisation went for their search.

At first there were three kittens, but unfortunately one of them passed off and the family was unable to care for the two kittens.

These sisters hasn’t even been separated.

The two kittens named Zelda and Sapphira were always together, they went everywhere together not to be separated. Even their characters looked alike.

The kittens were treated for an eye infection and intestinal problems before going to a foster home. The volunteers of the shelter Marie-Lyne and Pat placed the kittens to the shelter and let them to explore the area together.

They started to eat solid food and became spoiled kittens. They liked to play games and gain peoples attention always being together.

The kittens liked to sit at a window and enjoy looking at things, that go by.

“They are very curious and disobedient. They become irritated seeing close doors and they also climb on everything their paws get on. Zelda is more skilful than Sapphira and Sapphira loves to communicate with her family.

These sisters are always running together. When they get tired of their games they hug each other and Sapphira comforts her sister.

It’s been a few months, that these kittens are in the shelter. They have grown and became very playful and active. Zelda is very protective to Sapphira and she likes to imitate her sister.

After 4 months they will have a permanent home and the love they want.

“They are very friendly with people and animals. They are quiet and want to meet their perfect partners.”

You can learn about the saving programs on their Facebook account.


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