Japan’s Nara Park is attractive not only for humans, but also for deer. So beautiful!  

Deer have a rest in this amazing park and enjoy cherry blossoms

 Nara Park situated in Japan is one of the most famous places of interest, where thousands of tourists come and enjoy their time. They are attracted by the cherry blossoms and take a lot of amazing photos.

It is a very nice and pleasant place for deer as well. Especially during this pandemic they relax a lot, because the number of people has decreased and the park is calmer.

This amazing park is known for its sika deer, who like to have a rest under the beautiful trees and they became so famous on social media due to their amazing pictures.

There are approximately a thousand deer in the park and they are known as “messengers of the gods”. Mostly they enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Even special cookies are sold in the park, which are made only for deer. People suggest them to the deer in order to catch amazing photos of them.

Some deer even know how to ask for food: they just bow before the visitors to make them understand that they want something to eat.

Although they are very kind and friendly, the visitors must not disturb their rest, because it will make them angry.

Nowadays the park is quiet enough and the deer have a great opportunity to relax under the cherry blossoms.

These amazing animals became so popular after appearing in a couple’s photo, before their wedding. The photographer named Kazuki Ikeda was impressed by their beauty and after sharing their nice photos and videos on social media they became people’s favourite.

The photographer wanted to invite many tourists there to see and enjoy the real beauty of the park and its amazing animals.

Everyone who is interested in the nature should come and see this miracle.

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