It is so amazing to see how the monkey takes care about a wandering pup and considers herself as his mommy  

The monkey’s love towards a helpless puppy is very strong.

Like humans, animals also can be loving and caring mommies, who are ready to do everything for their babies only to protect them. Their love and dedication towards their babies are very strong.

Here is a fascinating story which shows how much mothers like their babies, but there is something strange in this story. The monkey is an excellent mother but for a little puppy.

After noticing the helpless pup on the street, this smart animal decided to look after him and behaved him as her own baby.

After being left by his real mommy, the pup found his comfort and safeness in this caring monkey, who protected him from danger and gave him much love and devotion. She became an attentive and caring mommy for the little animal.

She gives him food and waits until he finishes it, hugs and keeps him in her arms and follows him carefully.

A great number of people are attracted by these nice animals and they give them a lot of food and water.

They mostly are excited by the monkey’s behaviour, when she makes her baby eat first and waits until the cutie finishes eating. It is called mother intuition.

Although they don’t belong to the same species, their love towards each other is very strong.

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