Here is the most touching story ever! The kind dog supported the sad man, who had lost his loving pet  

After meeting the wonderful doggy, the unhappy man smiled again.

 A smart doggy named Nato was walking in the park, when they noticed a sad man sitting on the bench. The doggy wanted to approach the man realizing that something was wrong about him. After getting his owner’s permission, the clever animal hurried to him. After seeing the coming dog, the man understood that it was the time to smile a bit.

When they stood face to face, looked at each other carefully without saying a word for a while. It was seen that the man was happy by the visit of the strangers, but he couldn’t hide his sadness.

The owner captured the moment on his camera and after recording the video, the man told him his unlucky story: he had lost his lovely doggy and now he was in stress. Nato looked like his favourite pet, so the doggy made him feel happy even for a few seconds. The owner of Nato remembered the man, whom he had met before.

The man was grateful to the smart animal who supported him and made him get out of the stress. Losing his loving pet was very disappointing for him.

Their touching video became very famous on social media making the viewers cry.

They were looking at each other carefully… So heartbreaking!

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