Fluffy ticket ckecker makes everyone happy at the station. She loves attention and care

The new station ticket checker

Every morning in Israel railway station the fluffy kitten welcomed the passengers for a checkup. You can’t pass by without a smile!

In Petah Tikva, Israel local people captured an amazing scene. The stray kitten appeared at the local station.

No one wanted to drive away the fluffy ticket checker and passengers are happy to see her every day and they even stroke this cute creature. The homeless cat was named Shawarma.

She became the most attractive aspect of the station.

Both passengers and staff love her and get used to her. One of the passengers told, that seeing the little kitten was very nice.

The cat likes to check every passenger. The cat’s every picture gains popularity and he becomes a real Internet star.

Just look at Shawarma, who likes human presence and likes to guard the station.

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