Every Day the Wonderful Corgi Gives a Tight Hug to Every Doggy He Meets During His Walks

The cute corgi hugs every dog he meets on his way

Wallace is a one-year-old corgi doggy who just adores playing with balls, chasing little squirrels and hugging every doggy he meets during the walks with his family.

Wallace’s owners tell that the cutie is so active and sociable that he doesn’t want to miss even a single opportunity to hug every creature he notices which is an example of a pure love. He just enjoys giving lots of hugs and kisses to humans and when he meets another doggy he is the one who starts playing with them.

When they meet doggies who are smaller than him the caring corgi is much more careful and sensitive in order not to scare them.

His owners tells that they are also very proud of their beloved doggy because of the fact that he had never been taught how to hug or communicate with someone. That’s something wonderful given to the cutie pie by nature.

Wallace the doggy is also very caring and loving towards his family members. Their endless love and care is mutual and every morning in the house starts so positively due to their favorite doggy Wallace.

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