An amazingly beautiful pigeon, that had a rainbow colouring

A beautiful pigeon with a rainbow colouring

Pigeons aren’t often loved.

These rock doves, that are found all over the world are also called “flying rats” as they are often seen in cities.

Although this special pigeon can change people’s image of these animals.

The photo of green pigeon, that had a pink neck became popular on Twitter and got a nickname “hot pigeon”.

Compared with his city cousins’ black, white, brown and grey colouring this pigeon stands out a lot.

Have you even seen such an amazing pigeon?

This rainbow pigeon has many colours, such as green, blue, lilac, pink and yellow. Although you won’t see them sat on the canopy in New York.

These pink necked pigeons can be found in Southern Asia. These pigeons unlike their peers eat mostly fruit, especially figs and pass their seeds over the air.

This amazing pigeon is helping people in respecting these grey birds they meet every day.

The green or purple colouring on the city pigeon’s throat can make him as unique as the “hot pigeon”.

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