After losing their parents, the orphaned elephants show their gratefulness to their rescuer. So heartbreaking!  

The saved elephants never forget the woman, who took care about them in their childhood.

Poaching still remains the most cruel thing that harms the animals and puts their lives in danger.  Daphne, who is a famous animal lover, has dedicated her life to the animals, especially she takes care about baby elephants which lose their mommies because of the cruel actions of the people who kill the poor animals for their tusks.

This caring woman has started her heroic actions since 1977. She has completely devoted her life to the orphaned elephants for whom it is very difficult to live without their mommies. But thanks to Daphne, they can live and grow up, because she created a milk formula which has the all necessities they need.

She is their human mommy, who does her best to protect these defenceless animals. The elephants are very thankful to the woman and when they see her, immediately approach and hug her.

But Daphne’s care is not only for elephants. When she saw that rhinos were also in a bad condition and a great number of them were killed for their horns, she started to take care about them, too.

When the animals grow up and are ready to live in the wild, the woman send them to their natural habitat.

But the ivory tusk trade remains one of the most important problems and it must get its quick solution in order to make our animal world safer.

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