After being rescued and growing up with 12 dogs, this little cow also behaves herself like a dog. So entertaining!  

The mini cow got used to living with dogs and enjoys her life next to them. 

Moonpie is a small cow, who was noticed and saved by Janice Wolf’s friend. Because she was very small to live outside in such a cold weather, Janice decided to take care about her and took her to his house. Later, they became undivided.

The cow befriended with the dogs easily. Their friendship is so strong and they don’t imagine their lives separately.

The caring dogs became moms for the cutie, they look after her as her mother would do cleaning her face and giving a lot of love and support.

Mostly, the cow is connected with the deaf dog named Spackle. Their owner says that his dogs accept all the animals that are rescued by him and this cow is not an exception. They are strongly devoted to the baby.

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