After 17 failed attempts this 48-year-old woman became a mother for the first time

A 48-year-old woman, after many desperate attempts, became a mother

This Englishwoman named Louise always had a cherished dream of becoming a mother. She got very excited and touched every time she witnessed other happy mothers sincerely desiring to have a baby as well. But, as it was found out, her organism refused to make her dream come true and getting pregnant was simply against her nature.

When doctors sadly announced that Louise couldn’t deliver a baby naturally, she decided to try IVF. But there arose many problems and difficulties with it as well. The embryo didn’t take root. Louise had 16 more desperate attempts.

Doctors, feeling pity for her, started to persuade Louise to accept everything as it was and adopt a child trying to explain to her that it was actually the uniqueness of her body and no one can do anything about that.

But the strong-willed woman found enough patience, courage and determination in her to keep trying. She spent nearly 0 thousand pounds and, in the end, managed to get pregnant at the age of 47. Louise was constantly under the control and supervision of her doctor and fetus, fortunately, continued developing.

All her desperate attempts eventually paid off and her cherished dream has finally come into reality. The woman gave birth to an adorable child and hopes her boy would appreciate his mother for having risked her own life to give him birth.

The woman is also very grateful for her doctor who was always by her side and supported her during her pregnancy.

Louise encourages women not to ever give up their hope on becoming a mother and declares that absolutely everything is possible is one truly wants it.


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