Adopted rhino falls in love with her saviour’s cat and they feel good together

Rhinos also like to spend their free time with people

One of the workers of the Rhino Orphanage, named Jamie Traynor came to save a little rhino Jamila, that didn’t have a family as they called her.

She was very small, when she was attacked by a poacher as she went to help her mother.

When people who save these animals find them they often cover their ears and eyes to calm them down, as they are stressed to lose their family.

When such animal comes to the orphanage a lot of work must be done with it. And that’s how the phino behaves, She wanted to do everything to make the animal trust and love her.

Jamie’s cat Mewie also wanted to guard the rhino.

The cat always went after Jamie and Jamila went.

Jamie loved Mewie so much, so they became friends.

Jamilia was very close with them and it’s very funny to watch a rhino and a cat together.

Here’s the video of Jamie in the Rhino Orphanage.

Jamie says the rhino loves to lie on someone, although he has a very big head he enjoys putting his head on someone.

They are very special and lovely animals, that love to spend their time with people.

In some ways they are like dogs, who like to be pet.

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