A woman opens dog clinic, where she spends the last days with stray dogs

A kindhearted woman, that opened a shelter for old and abandoned pets

It’s so sad, that our pets are just temporary visitors in our lives and we are their while life. And the last thing we can do for them is being with them in their last minute to make them feel they are not just out pets, they are our family.

Sadly it’s not am easy task to get through this heartbreaking moment. That’s why man old pets het abandoned. And a kindhearted woman wanted all these abandoned pets spend their last minutes to the fullest.

Nicola Coyle, a retired nurse organised The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice to take care of the ill and abandoned pets. She opened the shelter in her own home in Nottinghamshire.

Nicola takes these cute animals to McDonalds and even to a local pub to have a nice steak dinner.

“We are taking the pets, that have less than 6 months to live” told Nicola. “I think the longest I’ve had one, that lived with me for a year and the shortest was nearly two weeks.”

“I don’t know their birthday’s, so we organise a beautiful day for all of them. If they are felling well we took them to the seaside, where they eat fish, chips and ice cream on the beach.”

“We all love these animals very much and we do mourn and grieve for them. And we need to have breaks between them.”

If the dog’s fate is known, it shouldn’t be abandoned. On the contrary their last days must be filled with love and happiness. And thanks to people like Nicola they feel loved and cared through their last days.

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