A Mommy Moose Turned a Man’s Garden into a Real Nursery

A moose family found their favorite place- a man’s yard

One day Roland Rydstrom from Alaska was going to go to work when he suddenly noticed something strange out the window of his room.

There was a mommy moose who was sunbathing with her twin youngsters in his garden who were quite pleased with their place and showed no signs of wanting to leave.

The man told that their family members were aware that they are wild animals and we tried not to disturb them respecting their peace and living place. We just wondered if they would move or leave and a few days later they just departed but came back in a few hours lying in their favorite place. The newborn cuties were touching everything with their lips as if learning the new things around them.

The next day early in the morning Rydstrom heard a loud boom coming from the backyard of his house and rushed there. He was so surprised to see how the moose family were running after a cow who passed them and probably frightened them. The man was yet sleepy but he couldn’t help admiring after such scene. This is an example of a strong instinct of protection!



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