A friendship between a donkey and a dog is protected

A cute and pure friendship between a donkey and a dog

The dog’s name is Buster. He lives in Ireland, but a bit part of his heart belonged to another place.

It started when Buster was on holiday with his owner. There the little puppy met a donkey, named Jack who was hanging out in a neighbouring field.

He and Jack immediately fell in love.

“From the first moment they befriended with each other.”

The nice meeting wasn’t one-time occasion.

Since then the dog and his owner have returned to the place every year. And every time they went to the field, the dog-donkey friendship continues from the place, where it stopped.

Despite the long distance between them Buster and Jack appear to have found a way to keep their relationship alive.

Buachella called it as “really cute”. “I’m not sure if this is typical of donkeys, but my dog rarely shows such emotions towards anyone.”

Jack had a surprise for Buster this year. a mew friend named Jill.

Jill and Buster also became very close.

We want to continue this beautiful tradition for many years.

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