A donkey grown up with dogs, practically copies their behavior 

The lovely donkey considers itself a dog

When you come home and see your god over there waiting for you that is very beautiful and typical behavior by its side, but when you greeted by your donkey that is a bit unusual.

In this case the proud owner happily shares with us his beautiful experience with his domestic animal donkey, who considers itself a dog.

Since his early months he was very devoted to his so called parents, and the parents loved him the way he was. Very soon Walter started to take some doggy characteristics which by one side was very funny, but by the other side a bit strange.

After being rejected by his mother, a kind couple adopted him and carry with him up till now.

Fortunately Kelly and Brad have found him in the right moment. Walter was so adorable, that the couple adopted him without thinking much and gave him a complete family and love.

This couple is famous in their neighborhood for their unconditional love towards animals.

Kelly told us the sad but nice story how they got Walter. She told us that Walter was very young when him mom rejected him. They got a call from Bureau of Land Management with the proposal. That was if they would like to adopt him. The answer, of course,  was positive.

Walter get used to his new family very soon, and devoted his great love mostly to his father.

Now, of course, after some time Walter has been changed with his sizes. Once the little donkey now  is nearly 70 kg.

Walter has grown up with his three dog brothers, and took a lot of characteristics of dog.

And one of that characteristics is the way how he greets his dad after a long and hard working day.

After having a lot of demand by people they made a video of one of these days how he greets his father. That is fantastic!

His behavior is exactly the same like of normal dogs. Of course, he learned that from his brothers, but even this is very difficult and atypical for a donkey.

Brad was used to go for a walk with his dogs, and now Walter is a part of that beautiful ritual. He considers himself one of them.

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