A Doggy Who Was Once Included in “Death Row” at the Shelter Was Finally Adopted Instead of Being Euthanized

The wonderful doggy was fortunately saved from euthanasia

A few years ago, when a little pitbull-labrador puppy named Benny was only 8 months old, had to spend a few weeks at Carson Shelter, California and the cutie was included in the shelter’s “Death Row” list. Unfortunately, this meant that the the cutie couldn’t have the long-dreamt permanent family was, because the doggy was set to be euthanized.

There is a voluntary organization called “Saving Carson Shelter Dogs” which tries to assist dogs who are scheduled for euthanasia and pushes them forward into the adoption they really deserve. Their wonderful group of volunteers record videos of the cuties to encourage their adoption, sharing it with their social media audience.

In most cases, this works quite well and lots of wonderful doggies have been rescued  due to their great devotion and efforts. Benny was one of those lucky creatures who turned from a very sad and emaciated doggy to an extremely joyful creature ready to go home!

“Saving Carson Shelter Dogs” organization was able to rescue the cutie and to find a permanent family for him.

Stories like Benny’s continue to enliven and motivate the organization’s kind and caring volunteers to never give up on the bright future of dogs.

Isn’t he incredibly cute ??

Isn’t this extremely touching and wonderful?

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