A dog refused to get up during the storm and she creates a perfect twin

A dog, that likes to sleep on the deck most of the time

Patsy has been sheltered for five years and during this time she has got many activities she liked. Some of them were meeting newborns, eating ice cream, loves having goodies at his mom’s office and of course walking. When she did all of the mentioned she likes to sleep on the deck.

“She loves sun very much. When my husband was working from home because of Covid, she often joins him outdoors napping on the back porch for morel support. Also we have many outdoor and indoor dog beds.”

As always Patsy was taking a nap on the deck when suddenly started raining. Her owners went into the house not to get wet, but Betsy didn’t mind.

“We call her our queen for a joke, as she likes to sleep all the time and no one could bother her. She even didn’t got up from her place because of the rainstorm. “We were working when suddenly a rainstorm started and we went for not to get wet, but we saw, that she hadn’t any desire to get up.”

Petsy’s owners persuaded her to get up and after some time she got up and they saw a cute imprint she’d left.

Patsy’s body imprinted on the deck, as she was lying on it and the rain fell around her. When she got up it appeared she had a twin. Her owners couldn’t stop laughing.

Patsy as usual didn’t mind and wanted to understand why she had to get up from her place. After all the little rain wouldn’t harm anyone.

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