A cream-coloured baby bear was seen playing with its mother

A bear baby with an almost white colouring

A distinguished 5-month-old black bear was seen with its cream-coloured cub in the British Columbia.

The unique sight was seen and captured by a n environmental planning manager Arthur De Jong.

The baby was seen playing with its mother on the Whistler-Blackcomb mountain.

The scientists think, that this is either an albino bear or a mixture. Both of these effects relate to a genetic mutation, that affects their pigmentation.

But until someone sees if its eyes are pink or mot, we can’t be sure about their albinism.

You can see their video playing together.

De Jong told, that the baby wasn’t white, it was like a caramel.

“I’ve heard, that such colouring is the result of recessive genes from both parents.”

As Michael Allen told, it was the first time in 23 years, that he has seen such a white baby bear.

“I have seen many puppies of different colouring, starting from reddish-brown to blonde, but I’ve never seen a baby with an almost white fur”

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