A Catty with One Ear Who Was in Recovery Finally Found a Permanent Home and Obtained a New Best Friend

A cute catty finally found his true friend for the whole life

This is Potato—the handsome catty with one ear that would still definitely manage to steal your girl. The cute catty used to live on the streets of China before being saved by a local shelter workers.

The cutie pie’s rescuers found him in a terrible state, because he had been sick and abandoned for more than 2 years. As a result of this, the poor creature was suffering from a rare tumor called ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and also ear flaps. After several attempts of removing the adenoma, the veterinarians advised to remove the catty’s canals and flaps entirely in order to prevent the tumor from coming back.

Fortunately, Potato the catty is now recovering quite well and rapidly. What’s more the cutie even managed to find a permanent house and a new best friend for the entire life, whose name is Horlick. The sweet creature’s new owners opened an Instagram  account for the cutie and showed that despite the fact that the cutie lacks one ear, he can still hear.


1. Meet Potato the cutie’s new best friend, Horlick

2. Such a cute and wonderful creature!

3. Potato is now enjoying his careless feline life with his permanent family.

4. The wonderful catty is now completely safe

5. He seems to be getting on perfectly well with his new bestie

6. They’re constantly hugging together

7. A little puzzled potato

8. Horlick’s ears are enough for both cuties

9. Happy Birthday, our beloved Potato!

10. Waiting for the long-waited treats.

11. Potato always seems to be full of endless energy and extremely optimistic

12. That attack position!

13. Such a gorgeous catty!

14. Potato is just like any ordinary catty

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