A Cat Mommy Is Extremely Happy to Be Finally Reunited With Her Kittens At the Shelter

A cat mommy is finally reunited with her wonderful cubs

There was a stray catty named Toodles, who urgently needed some assistance after fighting with a dog. Fortunately, a caring woman named Mindy Brocato, who works at Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control organization, rushed to the rescue and took the cutie to a shelter.

When in early April Toodles the catty was taken to a shelter she was examined and it was found out that the cutie recently gave birth to little cubs.

The shelter staff began to search for Toodles’ family, so that both the mommy and the cute cubs didn’t feel alone.

The volunteers did their best to find the catty’s offspring and they fortunately succeeded in it. After the long-waited reunion the mommy smelled her cubs and meowed with delight when the first little cub was delicately put on Toodles’ bed by one of the shelter workers. The little cutie pies were so excited and happy to be reunited with their mommy that they just cuddled with their mommy and meowed so happily!

You may watch the most emotional reunion below:

Toodles and her wonderful family were taken to a foster home that day for more proper and individualized care.

Toodles the catty is obviously overjoyed to be reunited with her children in a new and safe environment and she is trying to do her best to be the best mommy she can be for her wonderful cubs.

We hope that this wonderful family will only become happier and happier day by day!

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