«The woman who stole James Bond’s heart!»: The archive photos of Brosnan’s wife surprised everyone

No one believed their eyes when they saw how James Bond’s wife has changed 🤔😳

With his legendary role, P. Brosnan has always been surrounded by millions of fans, admirers and women who were madly in love with him. He is not only a talented and highly skilled actor, but also a caring and faithful husband.

His handsome appearance and charisma opened many doors for the movie star. It is not surprising that many literally adored and imitated him. Whereas here is the woman the actor’s heart forever belongs to.

They started their relationship in 1994 and since then are totally inseparable. In fact, they have grown together since their marriage in 2001.

The spouses have had two heirs who look like copies of their legendary parents.

However, the current appearance of his wife lets no single one remain indifferent. Many are convinced that she doesn’t deserve to be by his side and that Brosnan would be much happier without her.

Yet, the prominent movie star has not once claimed that for him no woman is better than his beloved wife.


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