«Overweight or bones and skin?»: The incredible transformation of Jessica Simpson deserves special attention

The fans didn’t recognize Jessica Simpson who lost 101 lbs and changed her style 😲😍

What concerns insecurities and complexes concerning weight, many girls and women suffer from them and find their bodies not attractive enough. There is a stereotype that it is harder for women over 40 to lose weight and many give up without even starting.

The before-and-after photos of outstanding and successful Hollywood actress J. Simpson made a real splash and became the subject of discussions. She has recently celebrated her 40th birthday and has lost over 100 lbs. Can you believe?

Her fans didn’t recognize the movie star whom they were accustomed to seeing very plump and unattractive. However surprising it may seem, some weren’t really satisfied with her recent body changes and found that she was too skinny.

Many advised her to stop losing weight. «Please stop it!», «She lost her weight and her charm», «All we see is skin and bones».

«Your overweight was your calling card!», «Not the same gorgeous woman anymore!», «I can’t believe my eyes. Is this the same person?».

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