«The only heiress of the King of Pop Music»: The way the daughter of iconic musician Jackson looks deserves special attention

This is what a unique beauty legendary Michael Jackson’s only daughter has become

As you all probably know, Michael Jackson, the King of the Pop Music, had three children two of whom are heirs and one is his only heiress. The first two children were from a former nurse Debbie Rowe.

This is how the cult musician’s only heiress Paris has changed over years.

However surprising it might seem, Paris has already turned 25 and, what concerns her appearance, she has little in common with her late father. Instead, Paris is believed to be the replica of her mother with her fair skin and blond hair.

Shortly after the childbirth, Rowe strongly refused to keep the children giving her offspring to Jackson. Later, having learnt all this about her biological mother, Paris couldn’t forgive her deeds.

However, the woman’s serious illness helped them eventually reconcile. Rowe was diagnosed with oncology and, owing to her heiress’s constant care and support, she, fortunately, could overcome it.

In addition to this, there are rumors that she simply can’t be the biological daughter of his father as he was African-American and it was impossible for his kids to be born white.

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